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Welcome to Active Bend

We’re a small but growing community of new to Bend, OR that are active across a variety of activities that wanted to better coordinate with each other. We’re mountain bikers, climbers, skiiers, snowboards, runners, hikers, backpackers, paddleboard enthusiasts, float-the-river-with-beer fans, and sometimes just beer-around-town afficionados. We coordinate over slack (see below) to avoid overwhelming group texts.


slack channel Slack channels are organized by activity - for example (but there are a lot more!):


Our attempt at a calendar of local events that interest us. Live music, beerfests, events on Mt. Bachelor, races, science / pub talks, and more. Bend has a lot of events and we try to find the good stuff.

Other Resources

We’ve attempted to map out a list of locals nights, happy hours, bars with music, and other helpful calendars around town: doc